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October 5, 2017 Community News 0

What a fantastic weekend!

Thank you to the Small Halls Festival Staff for putting on a fantastic event to showcase the “Small Halls” of Clearview Township.  The Small Halls festival has allowed for the historic halls of our area to be invigorated and showcased for those who have not had time to visit the updated halls.  Thank you to community members as well as tourist for dropping in to one, two, three or all nine locations to celebrate our historical heritage.  Without you the festival would not be possible.  Most of all we would like to thank the countless dedicated volunteers of each and every small hall.  For those unfamiliar, each small hall is run soley through volunteers.  The chair, vice chairs, communications directors, booking agents are taking time out of their lives to ensure their small halls live on.  We need to catch the attention of younger generation and get them interested in becoming a part of the community and joining a hall board.  New members, new volunteers, new ideas are welcomed and encourage.  Older generations want to ensure their dedication to each hall is not “all for nothing” and generations to come will get to enjoy these places of fun, family, friends, and laughter.

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