Small Halls Countdown

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Small Halls Countdown

August 20, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Clearview’s annual Small Halls Event is fast approaching.  The Small Halls crew has been hard at work counting down the days with fun trivia.  Catch them on Facebook to keep up with the countdown!  The Duntroon Hall has a ton of events going on as do our family halls.  Check out the small hall’s website for a full list of events and purchase your tickets.  The Duntroon Hall Facebook has a list of our own events you can check out, and don’t forget to like our page when you’re there.  This event is near and dear to all of the hall board members hearts as volunteers all over Clearview Township have been working hard to keep the small halls alive and running.  All the halls are run by volunteers, dedicated their time to keep our small community heritage.  So come out and #SUPPORTYOURSMALLHALL




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