Small Halls Festival is happening…October 1-4, 2015

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Small Halls Festival is happening…October 1-4, 2015

July 16, 2015 Community News 0

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The purpose of the festival is to bring awareness to our pleasant and charming communities in Clearview Township along with the revitalization of each of their community centres.

The event is fundamentally a fundraiser for each hall to continue providing traditional and social community programming for the families of Clearview Township.

Each hall will showcase the best of rural living with music festivals, dinner theatre, art exhibits, dancing, kids events, a culinary event with local chefs, farmers and breweries. The Small Halls Festival will also feature unique features to Clearview that will attract people from across Ontario; Clearview Farmer’s Markets, Downtown Creemore, the Key Hole Caves, Creemore Springs Brewery, Downtown Stayner, Reinharts and the New Farm.

Small Halls is a unique festival and the first of its kind in Ontario. Clearview Township is proud to be the pioneer of this festival along with all of our supporters, sponsors and volunteers. We anticipate this event to be a huge success and an annual event.

Come and experience the allure and distinctiveness of Clearview Township and its Small Halls

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